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GLADVOIP prepaid calling card provides you with the best calling rates to any destination in the world. Save on your calls today and enjoy good call quality without any connection fees or maintenance charges. In addition, you can make calls PIN-lessly and purchase more minutes by simply recharging your card online.

Pinless-Calling is a way of making call from your cell or land line without the need to enter a pin number. Sequel to your registration with us, our system automatically authenticate your phone number and allows you to place a call to anywhere in the world.

Pin-based is a way of making calls from your cell or landline without using a pin number. The PIN number is usually 10 digits or more. It is advisable to utilise a PIN number when making a call from public pay phones or away from your personal cell or landline. Gladvoip provides both options for users to go pinless or pin-based dialling.

Callback the concept of callback is the ability for you to Flash or Buzz an access number from your phone device, and the GLADVOIP system reverts by calling you back and prompt you to enter the number you wish to call. It is nifty when a customer is trying to make calls from their cell phone using their free incoming call plan. It is also useful when traveling to locations where we currently do not have a local or toll free access number. Callback can be initiated via the following:

  • Web Callback (available)
  • Web Callback (available)
  • SMS Callback (coming soon)
  • CallerID Callback (available)
  • Email Callback (coming soon)

Making a Web Callback

1. Login to your MyAccount web portal.

2. Select Callback

3. Enter your phone number

4. Enter your destination phone number

5. Click on the "Click here to Place call" button to place your call.

Making a CallerID Callback

1. Dial the Gladvoip callback access number

2. GLADVOIP system will terminate the call after authenticating your CallerID

3. GLADVOIP will call you back and prompt you to enter the number you wish to call

Please Note that for SMS callback and caller ID callback to work effectively, your caller ID must be readable by the GLADVOIP system. GLADVIOP cannot guarantee a clear presentation of you caller ID to our system.

Access to online Call Detail Records- Access to our MyAccount Web Portal an Online Management System, will give you the following benefits:

  • View your current invoice
  • Change your billing profile
  • Add new services instantly
  • Change your registered number
  • Purchase a personal phone number (DID)
  • Calculate the cost of making calls
  • Add credit to account via paypal
  • Place web based callback calls
  • Make requests or suggestion to customer service.
  • Download call details into any application of your choice. Perfect for rebilling or expense reports

Making a Phone Call

1. Sign up to create a GLADVOIP account.

2. Login to your GLADVOIP MyAccount Web portal.

3. Select "Add Caller ID" and add your phone number(s) to enable pinless calling.

4. Purchase credit via Payapl from your portal by clicking on the "Buy Now" button.

5. Dial your local access number and start making calls.

GLADVOIP Access Numbers

Direct Calling Local Access Numbers
Country City Number
Canada Toronto / G.T.A 647-476-2245 or 647-476-2238
Canada Hamilton 289-426-5003
Canada Ottawa 613-686-1613
Canada Calgary 403-456-0071
Canada Montreal 514-312-7072
U.S.A Philadelphia 215-531-5072
U.S.A Houston-Texas 281-617-3377
U.K London 0208-0993-498
Toll-Free Access Numbers
Country City Number
Caller ID Callback Access Number
Canada Toronto / G.T.A 647-476-2258
SMS Callback Access Number
Country City Number
Email Address Callback
Country City Address
all all

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